Abbé Dubos Bibliography

Critical Reflections on Poetry, Painting and Music 1719
Translated into English in 1748 by Thomas Nugent, who also translated Montesquieu’s De l’esprit des lois. A defence, in the ‘battle of the books’, that in the arts the moderns and superseded the ancients. “A pioneering, widely quoted, and highly appreciated book”, which “celebrated the imagination, creative genius, and taste without denigrating knowledge and restraint.” (Gay, vol. 2, 298). Voltaire, Helvétius, Mendelssohn and Lessing were all Dubos’s disciples and Montesquieu used the Reflections to move towards a subjectivist, relativist philosophy of art.
Histoire critique de l’établissement de la monarchie française 1735
A work that proved a great success. It attacked feudalism and legitimized Louis XIV’s attack on the power of the parlements and offered a defence of his monopoly of legislative and executive power. Montesquieu presented a “refutation” of Dubos in De l’esprit des lois.
Réflexions Critiques Sur La Poesie et Sur La Peinture 1755
An author Burke criticises in A Philosophical Inquiry for preferring painting to poetry.