Henri Boulainvilliers Bibliography

Essai de m‚taphysique dans les principes de BenoŒt de Spinoza (Essay on the Metaphysics Following the Principles of Baruch de Spinoza) 1712
Written circa 1712 but only widely circulated from 1731.
Traité des trois imposteurs 1719
Treatise, first edited in 1719 under the title L’Esprit de Spinosa, widely circulated, rarely as a printed book, more often as a manuscript. Manuscripts of Boulainvilliers work were known by his contemporaries though none were printed during his lifetime, (well over two hundred copies of the work exist in libraries all over Europe and America). Boulainvilliers rejected both the idea of absolute monarchy and government by the people. He wrote on the history of the French nobility, praising the feudal system, showed interest in the occult sciences - he prophesied the date of the death of Louis XIV - and wrote a life of Mohammed. He was admired by Voltaire.
Letters on the States-General 1727
After Richelieu, Mazarin and Louis XIV had deprived the nobility of political power Boulainvilliers reasserted their supremacy by claiming that the nobles were descended from the conquering Franks.
Vie de Mahomed (Life of Mahomed) 1731
The work, though unfinished, was circulated in manuscript before being published in England in 1731. It presented a sympathetic account of the prophet's life.
The old government of France 1732