Pierre Marivaux Bibliography

Le pŠre prudent et ‚quitable (A Father, Prudent and Just) 1712
Pharsamon ou le Don Quichotte moderne (Pharsamon or the Modern Don Quixote) 1713
Les effets surprenants de la sympathie (The Surprising Effects of Affection) 1713
L'Iliade travestie (A Travesty of the ?Iliad?) 1716
Annibal (Hannibal) 1720
A five-act verse drama, which like all of Marivaux’s early plays, was written for the Comèdie-Française.
Le Spectateur Français 1720
Periodical (1720-24) modeled on Joseph Addison’s The Spectator
Arlequin poli par l’amour (Harlequin Brightened by Love) 1721
La surprise de l'amour (The Surprise of Love) 1722
Marivaux became engrossed in the battle between the ancients and moderns, devising a number of arguments against the ancients, especially Homer. His earlier plays were tragedies, but later wrote comedies, and produced many plays for the Comedie-Française. He was saved from financial ruin by Helvétius and Madame de Pompadour. He was harshly treated by the generation of writers who followed him, who used the term ‘Marivaudage’ to describe his affected style of writing. Marivaux published the short-lived periodical Le Spectateur français.
La double inconstance (Two Infidelities) 1723
L’École des mères (School for Mothers) 1724
L’Ile des esclaves (Isle of Slaves) 1725
L’Ile de la raison (Isle of Reason) 1727
L'indigent philosophe (The Indigent Philosopher) 1727
Journal that was published in 1727.
La Nouvelle colonie 1729
Le Jeu de l’amour et du hasard (The Game of Love and Chance) 1730
La Vie de Marianne 1731
Unfinished novel written between 1731-6. With its emphasis on feminine sensibility it anticipates Richardson’s Pamela (1740).
Les serments indiscrets (Rash Promises) 1732
Le cabinet du philosophe (The Philosopher's Study) 1734
Journal that appeared in 1734.
Le Paysan pervenu (The Fortunate Peasant) 1735
A story of a young and handsome youth who seduces elder women in order to advance in the world.
Les fausses confidences (False Secrets) 1737