William Wollaston Bibliography

The Religion of Nature Delineated 1722
Although The Religion of Nature Delineated was published in 1724 a few copies were circulated in 1722 "as a private monument of one that meant well". The work proved to be so popular that eight editions were published by 1750. The sixth edition published in 1738 was the first to included a Preface, containing a General Account of the Life, Character, and Writings of the Author.

A large part of the third edition, published in 1725, was set up by Benjamin Franklin while working as a compositor in London during his first visit there. In his autobiography he states that he arrived in London in December 1724 and “immediately got work at Palmer’s a famous printing house .... where I was employed in composing Wollaston’s ‘Religion of Nature.’ Some of his reasonings not appearing to me well founded, I wrote a little treatise entitled ‘Dissertation on Liberty and Necessity, Pleasure and Pain.’ It occasion’d my being more considered by Mr. Palmer as a young man of some ingenuity.” The Religion of Nature Delineated, unlike much of the deistical writing of the period, is not a work of polemic but an honest and moderate, if perhaps in some aspects a misguided, effort to determine, without recourse to revelation, what a rational man would consider natural religion to be.” E.C. Mossner in Encyclopaedia of Philosophy.