Jean Philippe Rameau Bibliography

Traité de l’harmonie 1722
Nouveau système de musique théorique 1726
Observations sur notre instinct pour la musique (Observations on Our Instinct for Music) 1754
Rameau's rejoinder to Rousseau's attack on French music in Lettre sur la musique fran‡aise (1753).
Erreurs sur la musique 1755
Rameau was a neo-classicist. He argued that a composer must use sound to evince harmony - eternal mathematical proportations emboided in the nature of things - not given to the mortal ear, but which give the pattern of musical sounds the order and beauty which the inspired artist creates or imitates.

The Erreurs include a violent attack on six articles on music Rousseau wrote for the Encyclopédie, (he wrote nearly 400, plus one on political economy). Rousseau wrote a rejoinder, the Examen de deux principes?.