Gilbert Burnet Bibliography

History of His Own Time 1724
Begun in 1685 but not published, according to Burnet’s own wishes, until six years after his death. It finally appeared in 2 volumes between 1724 and 1734 with omissions made by his two sons. Burnet has often been charged with misrepresentations, especially in his account of the birth of James, the Old Pretender.

Burnet as Professor of divinity at Glasgow (1669-74); he was strongly anti-Catholic and fled to Holland on the accession of James II. Burnet counseled William and Mary, accompanied them to England (1688), and preached their coronation sermon. He became the Bishop of Salisbury (1689) and was influential at court during the life of Queen Mary; his pamphlet defending the Broad-Church position, the Exposition of the Thirty-nine Articles (1699) offended the High-Church; as a member of an ecclesiastical commission appointed, after Mary' s death, to distribute vacant church livings, he devised the scheme known (after 1704) as Queen Anne’s Bounty. Author of History of the Reformation (3 Volumes, 1679-1714).