Francis Gastrell Bibliography

The Certainty and Necessity of Religion in General: Or the First Grounds and Principles of Humane Duty Establis'd 1697
A Moral Proof of the Certainty of a Future State 1725
Francis Gastrell was Bishop of Chester; he was appointed Boyle lecturer in 1697, with The Certainty and Necessity of Religion in general; or the first Grounds and Principles of Human Duty Established, published in 1697, with a continuation in 1699. In 1708, the anonymous work Principles of Deism truly represented was published, with the above essay against freethought and deism, also anonymous, in 1725; the preface mentions “A few Copies of this Discourse were printed about seven Years ago, and communicated only to some particular Friends of the Author, ...” This was Gastrell’s last work.