Jeremy Collier Bibliography

The Desertion 1688
A pamphlet in which Collier lends his support to James II and responds to Burnet's Enquiry into the Present State of Affairs. The pamphlet lead to a short period of imprisonment in Newgate; released without trial he was again imprisoned in November 1692 for alleged correspondence with James. He refused to acknowledge the jurisdiction of the court and was released with ten days.
Short View of the Immorality and Profaneness of the English Stage 1698
Famous attack on the works of Wycherley, Dryden, Congreve, Vanburgh and D'Urfey for indecency, profanity and for undermining public morality. In the ensuing pamphlet war which lasted until 1726, Congreve, Vanburgh, and D'Urfey, with Charles Gildonm, John Dennis, Edward Filmer and James Drake, were pitted against Collier, Arthur Bedford, William Law, Whitelocke Bulstrode, Josiah Woodward and J. Field. Collier rejoinders included Defence (1699), the Second Defence (1700), the Dissuasive (1703), and the Further Vindication (1708); The Conduct of the Stage Consider'd (1721) was probably also written by Collier.
The Great Historical, Geographical, Genealogical and Poetical Dictionary 1701
A translation of Louis Moréri's Grand Dictionnaire historique (1674); supplementary volumes appeared in 1705 and 1721.
Ecclesiastical History of Great Britain 1708
Published in 2 volumes in 1708 and 1714. The History was attack by Bishops Kennett, Nicolson and Burnet for popery. Collier published his replies in An Answer to Some Exceptions (1715) and Some Considerations on Dr. Kennet's . . . Letters (1717).
Reasons for Restoring Some Prayers 1717
Practical Discourses 1725
The Discourses were republished in 1726 with an appendix, God Not the Author of Evil.