Stephen Hales Bibliography

Vegetable Staticks 1727
Vegetable Staticks, which dealt with the nutrition of plants and plant physiology, was the first of the two volume work Statickal Essays, which contributed greatly to the advance of botany and chemistry. The second volume, Haemastaticks (1733), embodies his research on the mechanics of blood flow. Hales also worked on methods for the ventilation of ships and large buildings, techniques for determining ocean depths and processes of food preservation.
Haemastaticks 1733
An investigation of the arterial systems of animals.
A Friendly Admonition to the Drinkers of Brandy and Other Distilled Spirit 1734
Printed anonymously this plea against excessive drinking was widely distributed.
Philosophical Experiments 1739
A Description of Ventilators 1743
Hales ventilators came to be installed on ships and in public buildings. He published A Treatise on Ventilators in 1758.
The Wisdom and Goodness of God in the Formation of Man 1751
Sermon published by the Royal College of Physicians.