Thomas Chubb Bibliography

The Supremacy of the Father Asserted 1715
A defense of William Whiston' s argument in favour of Arianism.
A Collection of Tracts, on Various Subjects 1730
Comprises 35 treatises, including The Supremacy of the Father, An Enquiry concerning Infinite Justice and Infinite Satisfaction, A Vindication of God’s Moral Character, An Examination of Mr. Barclay's Principles, Human Nature Vindicated, Reflections on Natural Liberty, etc.
Christianity as Old as the Creation 1730
Tindal sets a natural religion of reason against clericalism and demonstrates a scepticism towards the Bible. According to Tindal, Priests have perverted natural religion: “Priests, on the pretence of the good of the Church” work the people up “to Tumults, Mutiny, Sedition and Rebellion”; and a close look at “Ecclesiastical History” will show that the clergy have allied themselves with secular power: “The worst of princes have been most sure of their Assistance even in carrying on the vilest Designs”. (254)

A German version of Christianity as Old as the Creation appeared in 1741and other deist writings soon followed to enjoy success in the German states much to the alarm of the authorites and orthodox opinion.
Discourse Concerning Reason 1731
An Enquiry concerning the Grounds and Reasons, or What those principles are, on which two of our anniversary solemnities are founded: viz. That on the 30th of January, being the day of the martyrdom of King Charles the First, appointed to be kept as a day of fasting; and that on the 5th November, being the day of our deliverance from Popery and slavery, by the happy arrival of his late Majesty King William the Third, appointed to be kept as a day of thanksgiving. To which is added, The Sufficiency of Reason in Matters of Religion, farther considered. Wherein is shewn, that reason, when carefully used and followed, is to every man .... a sufficient guide in matters of religion .... 1732
Thomas Chubb, deist, “was a disciple of Samuel Clarke, but gradually diverged further from Arianism into a modified deism.” (D.N.B.) This Enquiry was directed against a sermon by Dr. Croxall.
True Gospel of Jesus Christ Vindicated 1739
Discourse on Miracles 1741