Antoine François Prévost Bibliography

Aventures de Pomponius (Adventures of Pomponius) 1724
Dialogues of a libertine, a form which became popular during the period of the Regency.
M‚moires et aventures d'un homme de qualit‚ qui s'est retir‚ du monde (Memoirs and Adventures of a Man of Quality Who Has Withdrawn from Society) 1728
"Religion in England, in towns, and even in the smallest villages finds its expression in hospitals for the sick, homes of refuge for the poor and aged of both sexes, schools for the education of the children." (Quoted in Roy Porter, Enlightenment: Britain and the Creation of the Modern World (2000), London, p. 15)
Le Philosophe anglais, ou Histoire de Monsieur Cleveland, fils naturel de Cromwell (The English Philosopher, or The Life of Mr. Cleveland) 1731
Published in Utrecht in eight volumes between 1731 and 1739 and drawing on Prévost’s extensive knowledge of England, they are based on a fictitious account of the adventures of the natural son of Oliver Cromwell.
Historie du Chevalier des Grieux et de Manon Lescaut 1731
Novel published when the author was thirty-one. Manon Lescaut appeared as the final installment of a seven-volume novel called Mémoires et aventures d’un homme de qualité qui s’est retiré de monde (1728-31). It was publicly burned by the authorities as an immoral work when it was first published. In The Confessions Rousseau remarks that his works “deserve immortality”, p.348.

Prévost, copying Addison’s Spectator, published Le Pour et le Conte
Doyen de Killerine 1739
Histoire de Marguerite d'Anjou 1740
Histoire d'une Grecque moderne 1740
Historie d’une Crecque moderne 1740
Novel based on the famous contemporary love story of the Chevalier d’Aydie and Mlle Aïssé. Aïssé’s letters to Mme Calandrini, an aunt of Bolingbroke’s wife, were first published in 1787.
Campagnes philosophiques, ou M‚moires de M. de Montcal ? (Philosophical Campaigns, or Memories of Mr. de Montcal) 1741
M‚moires pour servir … l'histoire de Malte (Memories That Serve As the History of Malta) 1741
A work that upset the Knights of Malta.
Histoire de Guillaume le Conqu‚rant 1742
History of William the Conqueror.
Voyages du capitaine Robert Lade 1744
Mémoires d’un honnête homme 1745
Histoire des voyages (History of the Voyages) 1746
Monumental work published between 1746 and 1759.