William Whiston Bibliography

A New Theory of the Earth 1696
Whiston was one of the leading exponents of Arianism. He worked under Newton at Cambridge, succeed Newton as Lucasian professor of mathematics in 1703 and was expelled from the university in 1710 for his Arian views.
In A New Theory of the Earth Whiston attempted to show that the biblical account of the earth's genesis could be reconciled with scientific reason.
The Accomplishment of Scripture Prophecies 1708
Boyle lectures for 1707 which aimed to give a literal interpretation of the prophecies in the Bible.
Primitive Christianity Revived 1711
Published in 5 volumes between 1711 and 1712, an interpretation of early Christian texts printed in orginal Greek and Latin with an English translation.
Memoirs 1730
Memoirs of Whiston's close friend and fellow Arian Samuel Clarke.
Memoirs 1749
Memoirs of Whiston's own life published in 1749-50.