Mary Astell Bibliography

A Serious Proposal to Ladies for the Advancement of Their True and Greatest Interest 1694
Published anonymously as the work of “a Lover of Her Sex”, the Proposal called for the establishment of an Anglican sisterhood. Four editions of the work appeared by 1701. Astell has been called “the first English feminist”.  With the help of patrons, especially William Sancroft, the archbishop of Canterbury, Astell was able to live independently in London.  She believed in the equality of the sexes in spite of her conservative politics.  A wife relationship with her husband should be founded on a voluntary contract, but: “It may be any Man’s Business and Duty to keep Hogs; he was not Made for this, but if he hires himself out to such an Employment, he ought conscientiously to perform it”.  Astell was attacked in the Tatler under the name of Madonella.
A Serious Proposal To the Ladies Part II 1697
Some Reflections on Marriage 1700
Reprinted 1706 with a Preface.
Moderation Truly Stated, A Fair Way with Dissenters and their Patrons, An Impartial Enquiry into the Causes of Rebellion and Civil War 1704
The Christian Religion as Professed by a Daughter of the Church 1705
Bart’lemy Fair, or an Inquiry After Wit 1709