Jean Baptiste de Boyer Argens Bibliography

Lettres juives 1736
Published between 1736 and 1738, the Lettres, like Argens other Lettres, was inspired by Montesquieu’s Lettres persanes.
Mémoires secrètes de la république des lettres 1737
Published between 1737 and 1739
Lettres cabalistiques 1737
Philosophie du bon sens 1737
Owing much to Bayle and Fontenelle, the Philosophie was a popular work which did much to arouse French interest in Locke. Argens, who from 1744 was chamberlain in service of Frederick the Great, helped to disseminate the ideas of the philosophes and was a friend of Voltaire and D’Alembert. During the 25 years he spent at Frederick’s Court he produced 18 volumes of letters, the Correspondance philosophique
Lettres chinoises 1739
Thérèse philosophe 1748
Infamous novel, and best-known story attributed to Argens.