Gabrielle Émilie Châtelet-Lomont Bibliography

Institutions du physiques 1740
The Institutions reveal Châtelet’s conversion, under the tutelage of Samuel König, to Wolff's interpretation of Leibnizian philosophy. "Everybody understands the monads", said La Mettrie, "since the Leibnitzians made the brilliant acquisition of Mme du Châtelet." Châtelet’s was revealed as the author when she was accused of plagiarism by König. A revised edition appeared in 1742.
R‚ponse … la lettre de Mairan 1741
Chƒtelet defense of Institutions de physique against charges of plagiarism by K”ning and the academician Dortous de Mairan.
Dissertation sur la nature et la propagation du feu 1744
Essay on the nature of fire written in 1737, originally submitted to the Paris Acad‚mie Royale des Sciences for a competition in which the entrants were anonymous. The essay took issue with Voltaire's treatment of the subject and the Acad‚mie published both essays.