Moses Lowman Bibliography

A Dissertation on the Civil Government of the Hebrews. In Which The True Designs and Nature of their Government are explained. The Justice, Wisdom and Goodness of the Mosaical Constitutions are vindicated; in particular from some late, unfair and false representations of them in the Moral Philosopher 1740
Lowman was a dissenting clergyman, who wrote in response to Tory slanders of the Jewish people: “The very foundation of the Hebrew Constitution was an equal Division of the Land, the Continuance of which was secured by a fundamental Law, which made that Division perpetual, as no Estate could be alienated or pass from One Tribe or Family to another. The laws had further provided that no Interest could be made of Money, so that had a Man never so much Money, he could make no profit of it, either by Purchase or Interest.... The Constitution had expressly made a perpetual Mortmain, so that they could not have any increase of Property in Land, by any Title whatsoever.... As the Constitution put a bar to great Riches, and made such Provision for the natural Conveniences of Life, that very few could be in great Want or Poverty; this served to diminish greatly the temptations of Luxury, Pride and Envy, nor were there any so necessitous as to seek Relief for their private Wants and Misery, in the publick Confusion and Disorders of their Country....The particular Powers of each Part of this Government were so balanced by the Powers of other Parts, that without the concurrence of all it was hardly practicable for any one Part to draw to themselves any share of Property, Wealth, or Power, from the other Parts; and it was as hard and impracticable to obtain their Concurrence, to the ruin of their own Property and Liberty.”