Charles-Pinot Duclos Bibliography

Les Confessions du Comte de *** 1742
Considérations sur les moeurs de ce siècle 1750
Novelist, historian and essayist, in 1775 Duclos became secretary of the Academie Française.  Although sympathetic towards the Encyclopédists he thought Diderot a violent fanatic and used his influence to keep him out of the Academy.

Considérations sur les moeurs de ce siècle is “a brillant essay by . . . a philosophe and a first-rate observer of his society and times”.  (Gay, The Enlightenment: an Interpretation, vol 1, p.435)

Duclos thought that the “science of manners” - the critical observation of social conduct - proved that the eighteenth century was undergoing a revolution in behaviour.  “The taste for literature, science, and the arts has insensibly increased, and has reached a point where those who do not have it, affect it”.  (135)

“Those who live a hundred miles from the capital, are a century away from it in their modes of thinking and acting.”(13)