James Burnet, Lord Monboddo Bibliography

Of the Origin and Progress of Language 1773
6 vols. (1773-92).

The famous treatise on the origin of language appeared in 6 volumes between 1777 and 1792. It contains a great deal of curious and anthropological learning, advocates a return to Greek philosophy and condemns most modern poets and philosophers, including Newton. The work is chiefly remembered for its reference to the customs of primitive communities and its anticipation of the principles of evolution by comparing man to the orangutan, though this idea bears little resemblance to the theories of Darwin.
Antient Metaphysics, or the science of universals 1779
Published in 6 volumes between 1779 and 1799, a eulogy to Greek philosophy in which Monboddo conceives man as elevating himself from an animal condition to a state where the mind acts independently of the body.