Richard Bentley Bibliography

Epistola ad Joannem Millium 1691
An Appendix to an edition of a Greek chronicle of uncertain date by one John of Antioch.
Confutation of Atheism 1692
Bentley delivered the first series of Boyle lectures in 1692 and they were published as the Confutation of Atheism. Bentley was a follower of Newton and used the Principia in these lectures to demonstrate God's providential design for the universe.
Dissertation upon the Epistles of Phalaris 1698
Bentley was Professor of Divinity and Master of Trinity, Cambridge.   Phalaris, which arose from the controversy on the relative merits of the ancients and the moderns, marked “a new epoch in Greek studies, as Newton’s Principia had done in physical science only a dozen years before”.
Remarks upon a late Discourse of Freethinking 1713
A refutation of Anthony Collins's A Discourse of Free-Thinking (1713).