George Anson Bibliography

A Voyage round the World In the Years 1740-44 1748
Published in 2 volumes, “Anson’s voyage around the world, celebrated by posterity as evidence of a power poised to assert global supremacy, was in origin an old-fashioned buccaneering expedition, intended to singe beards and supper treasure fleets in the approved Elizabethan manner, at little cost in terms of men and material. Those who sailed on it were thoroughly imbued with this mentality, as Anson’s chaplain recorded in his published memoirs of the voyage. Rounding Cape Horn before the full horrors of storms and scurvy struck them, he recalled the ‘romantic schemes’ and expectations of ‘opulence’ with which they had entertained themselves. The 7 March 1742, was, it transpired, ‘the last cheerful day that the greatest part of us would ever live to enjoy’ ”. (Paul Langford, A Polite and Commercial People: England 1727-1783, p.173)