Colin Maclaurin Bibliography

Geometrica Organica, sive Descriptio Linearum Curvarum Universalis 1720
A work on the general properties of conics and of higher plane curves
Treatise of Fluxions 1742
Includes an essay on tides, a statement of the conception of level surfaces, and Maclaurin's theory of maxima and minima.
An Account of Sir Isaac Newton’s Philosophical Discoveries 1748
Posthumously published by Patrick Murdoch. Aged 19 Maclaurin was elected professor of mathematics in Marischal College in Aberdeen. In 1725 he was made professor of mathematics at the University of Edinburgh on the recommendation of Newton. When the Jacobites marched on Edinburgh in 1745, Maclaurin helped to prepared trenches and barricades for its defence. As soon as the rebel army occupied Edinburgh Maclaurin fled to England until it was safe to return. He died in Edinburgh on 14 June 1746.
A Treatise of Algebra 1748