Henry Jones Bibliography

Bricklayer’s Poems on Several Occasions 1749
Published by subscription in London. Jones, supposedly an uneducated poet, published complimentary poems dedicated to the Earl of Chesterfield when he became Lord Lieutenant of Ireland in 1745. Chesterfield liked the poems, encouraged Jones to continue writing, and asked him to go to London, which he did in 1747 or 1748. In 1751, Jones’s tragedy The Earl of Essex had a successful run (according to most accounts, Chesterfield and Cibber helped Jones with the play). In 1753, Cibber - who thought he was on his deathbed - wrote a letter to Chesterfield recommending that Jones succeed him. Cibber recovered and Jones faded into obscurity. His modern biographer recounts that Jones died drunk under the wheels of a market cart.