Ferdinando Galiani Bibliography

Della Moneta (On Money) 1751
Dialogue sur le commerce des bles 1769
Galiani was a friend of Diderot. He was a Neopolitan and worked as secretary to the Ambassador of Naples in Paris. He was an economist, literary critic, a mimic and a raconteur. The Dialogue consists of an attack on the physiocrats who claimed if all controls on the grain trade were lifted then distribution would improve and prosperity would follow. Galiani had once been sympathetic to physiocracy but had changed his views as a result of near-famine and unrest in France in 1768. Diderot defended Galiani in 1770. Diderot wrote that the the economists advance “general principles with the most marvelous intrepidity. But not a single one of these is not subject to an infinite number of exceptions in practice.” Galiani was admired by J.G.Hamann.

The work was printed and published under the guidance of Diderot, Grimm and d’Épinay and appeared in January, 1770; it made a considerable impression.