Theodor Gottlieb von Hippel Bibliography

šber die Ehe (On Marriage) 1774
Essay by a friend of Kant’s in praise of marriage. It became a popular work and Hippel revised it in 1776, 1792, and 1793, by strengthing the arguments favouring the equality for women.
Lebensl„ufe in aufsteigender Linie (Lives in a Progressive Line) 1778
Published between 1778 and 1781, a novel in the style of Sterne. Hippel was a friend of Kant, studied law and theology and in 1780 was appointed chief burgomaster of Konigsberg, becoming in 1786 mayor of the town.
Über die bürgerliche Verbesserung der Weiber (On Improving the Civil Status of Women) 1792
Published anonymously, a work in which Hippel argues for total economic and civil freedom for women. Although Nature had created women as free human being, men had turned them into ‘slaves’; social conventions having convinced both men and women that female inferiority reflected natural conditions. Even the French revolutionary constitution of 1791, which denied women citizenship, had failed to raise women above their criminalized status. Women must be freed in order that one might “raise citizens for the state without regard to differences in gender”, so that “the wall that divides us” might be demolished and “all will return to Nature’s order”.

Theodor Gottlieb von Hippel 1741-1796. German writer. Mayor of Königsberg (1780 ff.); friend of Kant. Author of novels Lebensläufe nach aufsteigender Linie (1778-81), Kreuz- und Querzüge des Ritters A bis Z (1793-94), essays Über die Ehe (1774), (1792), etc.
Kreuz- und Querzüge des Ritters A bis Z 1793