Charles Palissot Bibliography

The Circle; or, the Originals 1755
A stage burlesque, first staged in Luneville at the court-theatre of Stanislas Lescinzski, the Duke of Lorraine. Stanislas, sometime King of Poland, father to the present queen of France, at the end of the War of the Polish Succession (1733-36) had been installed as titular ruler of Lorraine, now becoming to all intents a part of France. His court tended to be a focus of anti-philosophique sentiment. Palissot was a renegade from the philosophique camp. His play offended Stanislas and enraged d’Alembert.
Petites lettres sur les grands philosophes 1757
Includes harsh criticism of Diderot’s theory of le drame. The Letters attacked the encyclopédistes for ‘servilely’ following Bacon, mocked their sensitivity to criticism, and rounded on d’Alembert for accepting a pension from France’s enemy, Fredrick the Great.
Les Philosophes 1760
A comedy which, ridiculing the philosophes, Diderot in particular, enjoyed a spectacular success at the Comedie-Française. It received its premiere on 2 May. The play, modelled on Moliere’s L’Ecole des femmes, was a satire on the theories of Helvétius and savagingly lampooned the works and character of Diderot. Diderot refused to see or even read the play and viewed it and its various imitations with contempt.
Les Trios siecles de la litterature française 1772
Published in 3 volumes by Sabatier des Castres, Palissot and others; a sort of history of French literature, it was violently biased and hostile to Voltaire and the Enlightenment.