Thomas Amory Bibliography

Memoirs, Containing Lives of Several Ladies of Great Britain 1755
British author of Irish descent, it is believed Amory lived in Dublin where he knew Swift. Later he lived in Westminster and Hounslow. He was a staunch Unitarian and a student of medicine, geology and antiquities. The Memoirs deal with the life of an imaginary lady, Mrs Marinda Benlow.
The Life and Opinions of John Buncle, Esq 1756
Published in 2 volumes 1756 and 1766, The Life and Opinions of John Buncle, Esq is a work of fictional autobiography. The hero, “an old compound of a man,” marries seven wives in succession, each embodying one of his ideals of womanhood. At one stage in the book Amory reveals his deism: “the plain argument for the existence of a Deity, obvious to all, and carrying irresistible conviction with it, is from the evident contrivance and fitness of things to one another, which we met with through all the parts of the universe.” (The Life and Opinions of John Buncle, Esquire, ed. E. A. Baker, London, 1904, pp. 85-6).