Louise-Florence-Pétronille de la Live Épinay Bibliography

Lettre … la gouvernante de ma fille (Letter to My Daughter's Governess) 1756
The Lettre appeared in the Correspondance litt‚raire
Mess moments heureux 1758
With encouragement from Voltaire, this was Mme d’Épinay’s first published book. Printed anonymously with a run of only twenty-five copies, it is not known where they were sent. It consists of a miscellany of verse, essays and letters, dedicated to her mother and including her self-portrait and the “Letter to my daughter’s governess”. The dedicatory pages are clearly addressed to Grimm; “you have guided my pen, now guide as well the responses of my friends, to whom alone I offer this book”.
Lettres … mon fils 1759
Printed anonymously with a run of twenty-five, although in a letter to the author Voltaire remarked that pirated copies were circulating. It is work of striking candour, showing a well-founded pessimism concerning her son’s future.
Les Conversations d’Emilie 1774
Published anonymously, with a revised and extended edition appearing in 1781. A series of dialogues between the author and her grand-daughter concerning education. Mme d’Épinay was a prolific contributor to the Correspondance littéraire, providing essays, theatre reviews, book review articles on politics, philosophy and economics and light verse. The educational dialogues made their first appearance there and she used it to circulate the letters she received from Voltaire and Galiani.
Histoire de Madame de Montbrillant 1818
A novel that was never completed. It appeared posthumously in abridged form, with half of the text eliminated, and was misleadingly presented by its editor as the authentic M‚moires et correspondance de Madame d'pinay. It was not published in unabridged form until 1951.