Horace Walpole Bibliography

Catalogue of Royal and Noble Authors 1758
Anecdotes of Painting in England 1762
Published between 1762 and 1771.
Letter From the King of Prussia 1766
Walpole’s hoax letter from Frederick the Great to Rousseau, printed in The Saint James’s Chronicle, 1 April. Rousseau published a protest in the same paper on 8 April. His anger was further arosed at this time with the publication in English of the anonymous letter from Voltaire to ‘J.J. Pansophe’.
Historic Doubts on the Life and Reign of King Richard the Third 1768
The Mysterious Mother 1768
Dramatic tragedy published 15 March.
Hieroglyphic Tales 1785
Only seven copies published, none of which circulate until after Walpole’s death in 1797. Walpole began the Hieroglyphic Tales in August 1766. It appears that he wrote the last tale around 1772.
Works of Horatio Walpole, Earl of Orford 1798
Published in five volumes and edited by Mary Berry, a close companion in his last years.