Oliver Goldsmith Bibliography

A Description of the Manner and Customs of the Native Irish 1759
An Enquiry Into the Present State of Polite Learning in Europe 1759
Goldsmith first major published work.
The Comparative View of Races and Nations 1760
History of Carolan, the Last Irish Bard 1760
A Citizen of the World 1762
A description of London supposedly written by a Chinese traveller. After his authorship was revealed the work made Goldsmith’s name in London’s literary circles.
The Traveller 1764
A philosophic poem which established Goldsmith’s literary reputation.
The Vicar of Wakefield 1766
It is thought that publication was hastily arranged by Johnson in order to save Goldsmith from going to jail for debt. Remained a favourite with Goethe after it was recommended by Herder in Strassburg.
The Good Natur’d Man 1768
Goldsmith’s first play which was unsuccessful.
Roman History 1769
The Deserted Village 1770
A poem which has been described as marking the transition from neoclassicism to romanticism.
History of England from the earliest times to the death of George II 1771
Published in 4 volumes and includes criticism of the work of David Hume
History of the Earth and Animated Nature 1774
A Survey of Experimental Philosophy, Considered in its Present State of Improvement 1776
It has been claimed that Goldsmith began work on his survey as early as 1762.