André Morellet Bibliography

Le Vision de Charles Palissot 1760
A pamphlet, published anonymously, written in mock-scriptual style, which led to Morellet’s imprisonment in the Bastille for eight weeks in 1760.
Mémoire sur la situation actuelle de la Compagnie des Indes 1769
R‚flexions sur les avantages de la libert‚ d'Šcrire et d'imprimer sur les matiŠres de l'administration (Reflections on the Benefits of the Freedom of Writing and Publishing on Administrative Matters) 1775
Written in 1764 in response to the law of silence of 28 March of the same year which barred anyone from publishing criticism of the government's economic policies. Morellet was only able to publish the work under the more relaxed regime of Turgot.
Code de la nature 1775
A theoretical treatise defending social equality and the common ownership of property.
Memoires 1821