George Colman Bibliography

Polly Honeycomb 1760
Colman’s first play, billed as a ‘dramatic novel’ and attacking the fashion for romantic novels, was produced at Drury Lane by Garrick.
The Jealous Wife 1761
A play based, in part, on Fielding’s Tom Jones. Reckoned to be one of the finest comedies of its time it remained part of the repertory for nearly a century.
English Merchant 1767
“Perhaps no comedy was ever produced upon the stage with a more moral tendency, or less offensive to decency . . . We enter with concern into the fate of virtuous characters, and we can perceive that the author’s feelings always arise in the right place.” (Critical Review)
Dramatick Works 1777
In 4 volumes and including about half of Colman’s plays.
Prose on Several Occasions 1787
Published in 3 volumes and including Colman’s writings in verse and poetry.