Jean-François de La Harpe Bibliography

Warwick 1763
Warwick was an unsuccessful tragedy. In 1767 La Harpe befriended and betrayed Voltaire by unoffically circulating one of Voltaire's poems in Paris. He went on to edit Mercure de France in 1768 and was admitted in 1786 to the Académie Française and lectured at its Lycée; his lectures were published in 16 volumes as Cours de littérature (1799-1805). Although La Harpe supported the revolution he was imprisoned in April 1794. In prison he underwent a spiritual crisis, became a reactionary Catholic and attacked his former friends when he returned to the Lycée.
Les Barmécides 1778
An unsuccessful tragedy.
Coriolan 1784
An unsuccessful tragedy.
Commentaire sur Racine 1807