Frances Brooke Bibliography

The History of Lady Julia Mandeville 1763
One of the most successful novels of the early 1760’s. Credited as the author of the first Canadian novel, Brooke was friends with Johnson, Anna Seward and Fanny Bunny. In 1755 she married the Reverend John Brooke and after the publication of The History of Lady Julia Mandeville she joined her husband, who was serving as military chaplain in Quebec. In Quebec she composed The History of Emily Montague (1769), considered to be the first Canadian novel. The main characters in the book describe in great detail the social and political conditions prevalent in Canada at the time. Brooke returned to England in 1768.
All’s Right at Last; or, The History of Miss West 1774
Published anonymously. Authorship has been contested although Lorraine McMullen’s 1983 biography supports the attribution.
The Excursion 1777
A novel about a heroine in London in search of literary fame. Brooke has a dig at Garrick for not supporting new work. Earlier in her career Brooke had tried unsuccessfully to persuade Garrick to produce her blank verse tragedy Virginia; it was finally published in 1756, with other poems and translations.
The History of Charles Mandeville 1790
Posthumous. Brooke died in 1789 and is buried in Sleaford, Lincolnshire.