Christoph Martin Wieland Bibliography

Der Sieg der Natur über die Schwärmerei oder Die Abenteuer des Don Silvio von Rosalva, (English translation, Reason Triumphant over Fancy, 1773) 1764
A romance in imitation of Don Quixote in which Wieland ridiculed his earlier Pietistic faith in ironical terms and announced his new lighthearted philosophy embracing sensual pleasure and frivolity.
Geschichte des Agathon (The History of Agathon) 1766
The first of many versions, the last appearing in 1794, with an English translation appearing in 1773.

Wieland’s great philosophical novel and the first German Bildungsroman: in the guise of a Greek fiction, Wieland describes his own spiritual growth; the extremes of Platonic, idealistic extravagance and Epicurean, materialistic fivolity are rejected in favour of a natural humanism in which pleasure is ruled by reason.
Der goldene Spiegel oder Die Könige von Scheschian 1772
Under the guise of Oriental stories Weland discusses political theory and preaches a benevolent and enlightened monarchy. Between 1769 and 1772 Wieland was professor of philosophy at the elector of Mainz’s university at Erfurt.
Der Teutsche Merkur (The German Mercury) 1773
Highly influential journal, founded by Wieland, which ran for almost forty years promoting the ideals of classical humanism.
Die Abderiten 1774

A satire on German provinciality. An English translation - The Republic of Fools - appeared in 1861.