Louis-Antoine de Bougainville Bibliography

Voyage de Bougainville 1771
Bougainville was a French soldier, sailor, writer and mathematician who made a journey around the world between 1766 and 1769. He had returned to France with a Tahitian, Aotourou, who spent a year in Paris. He was presented to Louis XV, and acquired a liking for the opera, which he would attend on his own and dressed in European clothes. He died of smallpox on his homeward journey.

Diderot wrote a review of Bougainville’s book which he expanded to form Supplement au Voyage de Bougainville. “Ah Monsieur de Bougainville, sail away from the shores of these innocent people and fortunate Tahitians; they are happy and you can only harm their happiness...This man whom you are grabbing like an animal or a plant is a child like you. What right have you over him? Leave him his way of life, it is more upright and wise than yours. His ignorance is worth more than all your enlightenment.”