Johannes Nikolaus Tetens Bibliography

Über die allgemeine spekulativische Philosophie 1775
Philosophische Versuche über die menschliche Natur und ihre Entwickelung (Philosophical Essays on Human Nature) 1777
Tetens’ main work. Tetens (1736-1807) studied at the University of Kiel under Eschenbach, who was the first German translator of Berkeley and introduced Tetens to British philosophy. “In spite of the confusions and inconsistencies in Tetens’ various treatments, the Versuche is filled with ideas that may well have influenced Kant at many specific points. .... So it is correct to say of Tetens that, like Kant, he believed a necessity of thought was the basis of an ascription of an objective necessity to objects and their connections. He agreed with Kant that what is objectified is a necessity of thought, not a belief based upon instinct or custom. But he failed to remember how utterly different the synthetic and logical ‘necessities of thought’ are. He made the egregious mistake of trying to correct Hume, when it was the historic destiny of Hume to correct the Germans.” L.W. Beck, Early German Philosophy, pp.412-425.