Augustus Montague Toplady Bibliography

The Scheme of Christian and Philosophical Necessity Asserted. In Opposition to Mr. John Wesley’s Tract on that Subject. With a Dissertation concerning the Sensible Qualitys of Matter: and the Doctrine of Color in Particular 1775
Augustus Montague Toplady (1740-1778), divine, converted to Wesleyism after hearing a sermon in 1755 or 1756, but in 1758 changed to extreme Calvinism, of which he became the fiercest defender. “Of the contemporary Calvinist writers Toplady was the keenest, raciest, and best equipped philosophically. .... The unpardonable blot in all his writings is his controversial venom against Wesley and his followers. The wrangle began after Toplady had published a translation of a Latin treatise by Jerom Zanchius on Calvinism, 1769. Wesley published an abridgement of this piece for the use of the methodist societies, summarising it in conclusion with contemptuous coarseness .... Toplady replied in ‘A Letter to Mr. Wesley’ (1770), charging him with clandestine printing, coarseness, evasiveness, unfairness, and raking together stories against Wesley's general conduct.” (D.N.B.) A heated exchange of views followed, and Toplady continued to hound Wesley in the ‘Gospel Magazine’, of which he was editor until June 1776, and did not cease his cause until his death of consumption in 1778. Toplady was author of the well-known hymn “Rock of Ages cleft for me.”