Simon Nicolas Henri Linguet Bibliography

Histoire du siŠcle d'Alexandre, avec quelques r‚flexions sur ceux qui l'ont pr‚c‚d‚ (History of the Age of Alexander, with Some Reflections on Those [Ages] That Preceded It) 1762
N‚cessit‚ d'une r‚forme dans l'administration de la justice et dans les lois civiles en France (Necessity of a Reform in the Administration of Justice and in the Civil Laws in France) 1764
Radical proposals for legal reforms.
Th‚orie des loix civiles, ou principes fondamentaux de la soci‚t‚ (Theory of the Civil Laws or Fundamental Principles of Society) 1767
Linguet traced the origins of civil society to the criminal acts of hunters who robbed and enslaved peaceful farmers and pastors; later, the victors established civil laws and repressive government to legitimate these acts of violence.
Lettres sur la ?Th‚orie des loix civiles? 1770
R‚ponse aux docteurs modernes 1771
An attack on the physiocrats and liberal economic policies that failed to alleviate the conditions of the poverty stricken.
Du pain et du bled (On Bread and Grain) 1774
An attack on physiocratic economic theory.
Du plus heureux gouvernement (On Happier Government) 1774
Annales politiques, civiles, et litteraires du 18me siecle 1777
Linguet founded the Annales in 1777 in London. It was banned in France but nevertheless circulated widely there. Linguet, a disbarred lawyer, was a virulant opponent of the philosophes, the Academie and the idea of constitutional monarchy, holding that “freemen in modern societies are more perfectly enslaved than subjugated men were in slave societies.” He was at this time in the Bastille, and he was executed during the Terror.