Gaetano Filangieri Bibliography

La Scienze della legislatzione 1780
This first volume contained an exposition of the rules on which legislation in general ought to proceed, the second, appearing at a later date, dealt with economic questions. They show Filangieri to be an ardent reformer of his time, insisting on unrestricted free trade and the abolition of institutional relics from the middle ages which were impeding national well-being. The work was a great success throughout Europe. Volume three appeared in 1783, concerned with criminal jurisprudence. Its suggestions regarding reform of the Catholic Church brought censure from the authorities, and it was condemned by the Congregation of the Index in 1784. In 1785 a fourth volume was published, devoted to education and morals. A fifth volume was completed just before Filangieri died on 21 July 1788, leaving an outline for the final and sixth volume. It was published in English as The Science of Legislation in 1806.

Filangieri was an enthusiastic philosophe: “the philosopher should not be the inventor of systems but the apostle of truth.” He is a “citzen of all places and ages”, he has “the whole world for his country and earth itself for his school. Posterity will be his disciples”. “It will remain the philosopher’s duty to preach the truth, to sustain it, to promote it, and to illustrate it”.