Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Bibliography

Folk Religion and Christianity 1793
The Life of Jesus 1795
The Positivity of the Christian Religion 1795
The Difference Between Fichte’s and Schelling’s System of Philosophy 1801
In 1800, Hegel went to Jena, where Schelling had succeeded Fichte as professor of philosophy. Hegel was accepted as a teacher at Jena on the strength of his dissertation, De Orbitis Planetarum, 1801. “This was also the period of close and regular collaboration between Schelling and Hegel, who arrived in Jena in 1801. For the next two years the two were allied in a collaborative effort to explicate and to defend the new System of Identity. In pursuit of this goal, they founded and co-wrote the entire contents of a short-lived new Critical Journal of Philosophy. During this same period the rift between Schelling and Fichte - a rift which originally arose over Fichte’s misgivings at Schelling’s efforts to ‘supplement’ transcendental philosophy with Naturphilosophie and then turned into a more general disagreement concerning the nature and limits of philosophy itself - became permanent and public.” The Age of German Idealism, edited R.C. Solomon and K.M. Higgins, pp.162/3.
Faith and Knowledge 1802
Article printed in the Critical Journal of Philosopy.
Critical Journal of Philosophy, vol.1: ‘Outbreak of Popular Joy Over the Destruction at Long Last of Philosophy’ 1802
Hegel edited the Critical Journal with Schelling.
System der Sittlichkeit 1802
Published between 1802 and 1803.
Essay on the German Constitution 1802
First Philosophy of Spirit 1803
Essay on ‘Natural Law’ 1803
Published in the Critical Journal
The Phenomenology of Spirit 1807
Science of Logic, Part 1 1812
Science of Logic, Part 2 1816
Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences 1817
Revised and expanded in 1827 and 1830.
Philosophy of Right 1821