William Godwin Bibliography

The History of the Life of William Pitt, Earl of Chatham 1783
Godwin was one of Pitt’s earliest biographers.
Enquiry concerning political justice, and its influence on general virtue and happiness 1793
Pit the Younger decided the book was too expensive to be dangerous. Godwin was married to Mary Wollstonecraft, and Shelley became his son-in-law.

“Is it well that so large a part of the community should be kept in abject penury, rendered stupid with ignorance, and disgustful with vice, perpetuated in nakedness and hunger, goaded to the commission of crimes, and made victims to the merciless laws which the rich have instituted to oppress them? Is it sedition to enquire whether this state of things may not be exchanged for a better?” (Bk.V, ch.13)
Caleb Williams 1794
Godwin’s best-known novel, written to demonstrate how the power for injustice is endemic within the privileged classes.