Henri Meister Bibliography

De l'origine des principes religieux 1768
After publishing this work Meister was suspended as a minister in Zurich and deprived of his civic rights. He was rehabilitated in 1772.
A la m‚moire de M. Diderot 1786
Published in November and better known as Aux mƒnes de Diderot, a work that paved the way for later interpretations of Diderot. Meister became editor of the Correspondance littéraire after Grimm. In this tribute to Diderot, published as a pamphlet, Meister writes: “I dare compare his soul to Nature, such as he pictured her himself: rich, fertile, abounding in seeds of every species, whether tame, wild, simple, majestic, kindly or sublime, but with no governing principle - without master and without God.”