Marie Joseph Blaise de Chénier Bibliography

Charles IX 1789
Chénier’s first success, written in 1788 but produced after censorship in November 1789. The antimonarchical play caused demonstrations in the theatre and such dissensions within the company that the lead actor Talma formed his own troupe, known as the Théâtre de la République.
Avis au peuple français sur ses véritables ennemis 1790
A formulation of Moderate policy for the Société de 1789 and awarded a medal by the king of Poland.
Henry VIII and Jean Calas 1791
Two plays produced in Paris with F.J. Talma. Talma (1763-1826) made his debut at the Comédie Française on 21 November 1787 as Seide in Voltaire’s Mahomet. Influenced by his friend the painter David, he became one of the first actors to wear historical costumes when he appeared in Roman toga and head-dress in the small role of Proculus in Voltaire’s Brutus.