Donatien Alphonse François, comte de Sade Bibliography

A Dialogue Between a Preacher and a Dying Man 1782
Les 120 journees de Sodome 1785
Sade worked on the unfinished manuscript of The 120 Days of Sodom in the Bastille during October and November of 1785 based on sketches he had made earlier in the year. He hide the long manuscript roll in his cellar and it was discovered only after the destruction of the Bastille. The manuscript was eventually sold to a German collector at the end of the nineteenth century. It was first published privately by Eugen Drhen, pseudonym of Iwan Bloch, in Berlin in 1904. It was published only for scientists, doctors and lawyers. A more accurate edition was published by Maurice Heine in France in 1931.
Les Infortunes de la Vertu (The Misfortunes of Virtue) 1787
Generally taken as Sade's first novel. Sade completed the work, writing 138 manuscript pages, in two weeks during his time in the Bastille, finishing on 8 July 1787. Sade reworked the novel in later versions; it was not published until 1930.

The novel's status as an example of philosophical fiction are clear from its opening sentences: "Philosophy's truimph would be to illuminate the darkness shrouding those methods which Providence employs to accomplish the destiny of man. This would then lay down some pattern of behaviour, revealing to the wretched two-legged creature who is continually buffeted by her arbitrary whims, the manner in which he must interpret the laws of Providence in his own case. It would show the path he must follow in order to avoid the bizarre dictates of that fate which we call by a score of different names without ever being able to settle upon a single definition".
An Address to the French King from a Citizen of Paris 1791
Published to mark Louis XVI and Marie-Antionette attempted escape from Paris in June 1791. Sade accused the King of betraying the trust of the French people. "France can never be ruled except by a king. But the king's rule must be agreed to by a free people, and he must remain faithful to their law."
Justine, ou les malheurs de la vertu 1791
Justine, ou les malheurs de la vertu was a reworked version of Les Infortunes de la Vertu.
Juliette 1792
Juliette was published in ten volumes; the first four volumes included The New Justine, after Justine (1791), the second of Sade's reworking of the The Misfortunes of Virtue.Juliette was published in ten volumes with a hundred illustrations; the first four volumes included The New Justine, after Justine (1791), the second of Sade's reworking of the The Misfortunes of Virtue. After the Directorate instituted a coup d'‚tat against the French Republic in September 1792 Sade sent five specially bound copies of his novel to members of the Directorate. Sade always denied that he was the author of Juliette. On 18 August 1800, Justine was seized by the police due to the offensive nature of this edition's illustrations.

Ideas on the Manner of Sanctioning Laws 1792
Published in November 1792.
Address to the Spirits of Marat and Le Pelletier 1793
Sade's famous funeral address on behalf of the Section des Piques.
La Philosophie dans le Boudoir 1795
The last of Sade's writings of which he denied authorship; the title page informed readers that it was published in London and a posthumously published work by the author of Justine.
Aline et Valcour 1795
Sade's "philosophical novel", written between 1785 and 1788 during his imprisonment in the Bastille. It was published in eight volumes in 1795 after the printing had been interrupted by the arrest and execution of its printer, Girouard.
Les Crimes de l?amour 1800
Les Crimes de l?amour consists of four volumes of short stories with an essay on the novel.
Adelaide of Brunswick, Princess of Saxony 1812
Completed in the autumn of 1812 the story follows the travels of the heroine through eleven century Europe. The novel was not published until 1954.
The Marquise de Gange 1813
Based on a true story that occurred during the minority of Louis XIV dealing with the life of a persecuted girl, Euphrasie, Marquise de Gange. Mistreated by her husband's family Euphrasie is eventually forced to swallow poison.
The Secret History of Isabelle of Bavaria, Queen of France 1814
Written between the spring of 1813 and autumn of 1814 Sade's last work of fiction was published in the 1950s.