Mary Hays Bibliography

Cursory Remarks 1791
Hays was born into a family of Rational Dissenters. Her Remarks include an attack on the established church.
Letters and Essays, Moral and Miscellaneous 1793
Inspired by Mary Wollstonecraft, whom she met, Hays set out to describe the "mental bondage" that blighted the lives of women.
Memoirs of Emma Courtney 1796
Coleridge and Elizabeth Hamilton attacked Hays’ fictional work for being heavily autobiographical. The Memoirs is an honest account of a woman who fails to win the love of the man she desires (in real life, William Frend).
Appeal to the Men of Great Britain in Behalf of Women 1798
Published anonymously. Hays demanded vocational training for women and argued for the right to economic independence.

“But for a woman to be obliged to humour the follies, the caprice, the vices of men of a very different stamp, and to be obliged to consider this as their duty; is perhaps as unfortunate a system of politics in morals, as ever was introduced for degrading the human species.”
The Victim of Prejudice 1799
Hays's second novel "depicted a female victim of rape who denounces the gender construction of chastity".
Female Biography: Memoirs of Illustrious and Celebrated Women of All Ages and Countries 1803
A six volume celebratation of the lives of women.
Harry Clinton 1804
Memoirs of Queens 1821