Joseph de Maistre Bibliography

Lettres d’un royaliste savoisien a ses compatriotes 1793
Considérations sur la France 1797
Published anonymously in Switzerland; “a powerful, brillantly written polemical treatise which contains a great many of his most orginal and influential theses”. (Berlin)

“I have seen, in my life, Frenchmen, Italians, Russians . . . but as for man, I declare that I have never met him in my life”. (Lyons/Paris, 1866, p.88)
Essay on the Generation of Political Constitutions 1810
De Maistre regarded the French Revolution as divine punishment for France’s acceptance of the anti-Christian Enlightenment.
On the Pope 1819
De Maistre claimed in Du pape that an infallible papacy is the unique source not only for Christian orthodoxy, but for all legitimate power and for the progress of universal civilisation.
Soirees de Saint-Petersbourg 1821
Published posthumouslt, a vindication of divine providence. “The whole earth, perpetually steeped in blood, is nothing but a vast altar upon which all that is living must be sacrificed without end, without measure, without pause, until the consummation of things, until evil is extinct, until the death of death.”
L’Examen de la philosophie de Bacon 1826
Published posthumously a polemical refutation of the materialism of Francis Bacon.