Chrétien Guillaume de Lamiognon de Malesherbes Bibliography

Mémoire pour Louis XVI 1794
Malesherbes came out of retirement in December 1792 to offer his services to Louis XVI during his trial before the Convention and broke the news to the King of his impending execution. He was himself arrested in December 1793 and condemned for counter-revolutionary activities. On 22 April 1794 he was guillotined with his daughter and grandchildren. The Mémoire was the first of his posthumous publications.

Malesherbes was Directeur de la Librairie between 1750 and 1763. As director of the book trade he acted as chief censor; after a book was submitted to him he choose a censor; on the censor’s report the director gave or refused permission to print, or stipulated alterations. Even after these requirements had been meet, a book could become liable to a decree of the royal council, a decree of the parlament, or else a lettre-de-cachet might send the author to the Bastille.

After Lord Shelburne saw Malesherbes, he wrote, “I have seen for the first time in my life what I never thought could exist - a man whose soul is absolutely free from hope or fear, and yet who is full of life and ardour”. (Mdlle. l’Espinasse’s Letters.)
Observations sur l’histoire naturalle de Buffon 1796
Posthumous publication.
Mémoires sur la librairie 1809
Posthumous publication.
La Liberté de la presse 1809
Posthumous publication.