Matthew G Lewis Bibliography

Ambrosio, or the Monk 1796
Nicknamed ‘Monk’ Lewis after gothic novel The Monk, which influenced by Ann Radcliffe and German literature, was attacked as profane and indecent and prompt the Attorney General to issue an indictment against the novel. Educated at Westminster school and Christ Church, Oxford, Lewis served as attaché to the embassy at The Hague and was an MP from 1796 to 1802. In 1812 he inherited a large fortune, and on 14 May, 1818, he died of yellow fever, caught while visiting his estates in Jamaica. The posthumous Journal of a West Indian Proprietor (1834), includes a report of Lewis’s tours of inquiry into the treatment of slaves on West India estates.

“Lewis’ work has no great literary merit, but is interesting as an outstanding example of the popular and influential Gothic vogue.” (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1969)
The Castle Spectre 1798
Musical drama which Lewis produced at Drury Lane in 1798.
Tales of Terror 1799
Tales of Wonder 1801