Rétif de la Bretonne Bibliography

Le Paysan perverti 1775
Bretonne wrote numerous novels, stories (more than 1,000) plays, tracts and philosophical treatises. His contemporaries called him "Rousseau du ruisseau" and the "Voltaire des femmes de chamber". Although his writings have been dismissed and criticised, Paul Val‚ry rated him higher than Rousseau. Married in 1760, Bretonne worked as a typesetter in Paris. Among other works, he published Tableaux de Paris, an invaluable account of the pre-revolutionary period and Monsieur Nicolas, an autobiography which aimed to show "the human heart laid bare".
Les gynographes 1777
First part of a trilogy that included L'andrographe (1782) and Le thesmographe (1789).
Les Contemporaines 1780
Published between 1780 and 1785, Les Contemporaines appeared in forty-two volumes.
La D‚couverte australe par un homme volant (Southern Discovery by a Flying Man) 1781
Victorin, the novel's central character, is shown visiting a variety of utopias using a pedal-operated flying machine; he finally ends up at the ultimate Australian utopia of Megapatagonia.
L'andrographe 1782
Nuits de Paris 1788
Exaggerated accounts of scandels involving Sade that took place in Arcueil and Marseille.
Le thesmographe 1789
Anti-Justine 1798
Another of Restif's attempts to discredit Sade.