Samuel Drew Bibliography

An Original Essay on the Immateriality and Immortality of the Human Soul, founded solely on Physical and Rational Principles 1803
After its first publication by subscription in 1802, the rights were sold to Richard Edwards, Bristol bookseller. Edwards published a revised and enlarged second edition in 1803. The work met with much success, with four editions in England and two in the United States before a fifth edition with additions was published in 1831. Drew (1765-1833), who in early life was involved in smuggling, became known as the “Cornish metaphysician”; he also wrote Remarks on the first part of a Book written by Thomas Paine, entitled ‘The Age of Reason’, and a history of Cornwall.
An Essay on the Identity and General Resurrection of the Human Body; in which the evidences in favour of these important subjects are considered, in relation both to Philosophy and Scripture 1809